How To Afford High Quality Style

Park Shin Hye

When thinking about high quality fashion items, there are probably a few that comes to mind. Luxurious coats worn by models strutting down the catwalk, and purses that costs more than twice your monthly salary. When it can be so pricey, why would anyone be interested in trying to pull off a high quality style. The truth is that it’s not so much about looking fancy and expensive as it is about having a sustainable view on fashion and a love for things that last more than just a season or two. There are a handful of ways that one can put together a luxurious style without breaking the bank so that you’re able to keep your wardrobe and fashion choices for a bit longer.

Consider buying secondhand
Some of the best buys you’ll ever make can be found in the second hand or charity shops. You just need to know where to look and be patient. Try not to give up immediately and you just might find the best pieces as you continue to shop. The great thing about buying clothes and accessories second hand is that you’re contributing to sustainability and limiting consumerism in our society. Try to give away some of your old clothes as well when you’re tired of them so that you’re giving something back and so that somebody else can look great in your pre-loved clothes.

Remember the jewelry
While it all depends on your individual style, most people agree that less is more when it comes to putting together a high end looking outfit. Don’t overdo it with the accessories and try to limit yourself to just a few great pieces that make a statement ot really mean something to you. Check out Tacori for some lovely examples of this and remember that you don’t really need much more when you have a fabulous piece of jewelry.

Mix the affordable and the expensive
You need to know the secret to treating yourself to a few expensive pieces of clothing once in a while without going broke for the rest of the month. Of course higher quality pieces of clothing will cost you a bit more as they’re often made to last a lifetime. The extra money you pay will ensure that the employees’ working condition is healthy and safe as well. It is definitely worth it if you have the money to only buy well made, expensive clothing, but  that's just not possible for most oof us.  The trick is, of course, to simply mix and match your affordable clothes with your luxurious, high end pieces to put together a style that is both elegant and affordable. An expensive pair of pants or a fancy purse paired with a more affordable top is just what you need in order to pull this off. Don’t be afraid to wear something truly inexpensive with a piece that costs more than you’d like to admit, since it's likely no one will really notice it in any way. You will notice it, though, when the cheap piece is thrown out after a couple of months.

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Pilar said...

Great post Rowena! I love reading style tips especially with a mix of expensive and affordable styles!

Blackswan said...

These are great tips for the coming holidays, dear! xoxo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Super tips and I totally agree with them. I do them myself, mixing is a lot of fun and buying second hand is perfect for the environment as well. Happy Monday to you lovely :)

Ivana Split said...

Great tips. Mixing affordable and expensive always creates the most interesting looks.

Beauty said...

I totally love this post and it is really needed at this time of the year when all the stores are alluring customers to spend more than they need to on clothes and goods that are not really needed anyway if you really think about it. I have started to shop more at Thrift and consignment stores to create affordable looks to meet the fast paced changing fashion trends and styles.