Simple Secrets to Looking Younger

Simple Secrets to Looking Younger

Although it's something that it pretty much inevitable, no one likes the fact that looking older goes hand in hand with aging. There are  some age delaying tactics that can improve your appearance and probably help you feel better too.

You Are What You Eat
Your diet can have a big effect on how old you look. Lots of green leafy vegetables, such as kale, can help your blood coagulate and lessen the impact of any bruising. Tomatoes have Lycopene in them, which helps protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Grapes, berries, plums, and pears all contain a substance known as sorbitol and this will assist your skin to absorb and retain moisture. Oily fish, such as salmon, has a compound that is used in expensive anti-aging creams. Eat it a couple of times a week to get the same benefit.

Aesthetic Treatments
Wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging on the face, but medical aesthetics, such as Botox, can help to soften the appearance of them and make the wrinkles less noticeable. Wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet are typical of the effects of aging that can all be made to look much better, and you to look younger.

Keep Your Hair Looking Good
Style your hair in a way that is easy to manage so that you can always keep it looking good. Use deep conditioning treatments and volumizing styling products to keep it from becoming dry and lifeless. A color treatment can help if it is beginning to look at bit grey. Opt for a shade close to your natural color as possible.

Look After Your Skin
As you get older, avoid drying cleansers and soaps. Use a gentle cleanser instead, as this will clean your skin without stripping moisture. Be sure to use a good moisturizer day and night to help keep it hydrated and supple. Avoid toners or makeup removers that contain alcohol, as they can dry out your skin.

Your Hands Are Important To How You Look
We have all met people who look quite young and then when you see their hands they look old. You can avoid this situation by using a good hand cream often. Look for one with sunscreen and exfoliate them too.

Look Happy
Research has shown that people look younger when they smile. In the study, neutral expressions yielded the most accurate ages, sad or fearful expressions made those taking part look older, but people with happy faces were all thought to be younger than they really were.

Dress to Disguise
Wear clothes that won't emphasize a wrinkly neck (if you have one). Tight fitting tops might push the skin from your neck upwards. A shirt with a collar over a round neck top is a much better option. Be aware of colors that might make you look washed out and wear them on your bottom half instead of on top. Keeping yourself fit will also help your overall appearance, as well as help you to avoid muscle loss and fight off illnesses.

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Doctor Anne said...

So many people try to ingnore the effects that your diet has on aging, but it is so much more important than skincare in the long run!

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips so far I love Salmon hope in the future I see how it benefit me lol. Have a Great weekend.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are great tips!! I agree with the hands mention, it's one thing I always notice about people, is how well or not well taken care of their hands are. I'm obsessed with keeping mine moisturized & taken care of as it will does stick out when you take care of everything else but one thing!! Happy weekend lovely x

Emmylou said...

Awesome tips, chingu, and I really think that it's the eating part that plays a majority in a lot of our aging woes...well, for me anyhoo. I can totally see the effects of bad diet on my skin...boooo! And I also do think aging on the hands is one thing that's so easily neglected along with neck wrinkles. My hands are not the best unfortunately, but I've always made sure to moisturize my neck when I do face, and I'm so grateful that I've been doing that for a long time!

R's Rue said...


Pilar said...

These are great tips Rowena! I try not to use alcohol based cleansers on my face since they're so drying! Have a wonderful weekend!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I recently bought a new conditioner, and it's amazing the difference it has made with my hair :)

Dressed With Soul said...

Thanks a lot for your tips Rowena! I think it is really important not to forget the hands ... :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Mica said...

These are good tips! It's a shame my hands look so bad, haha !I have a skin condition so they rarely look good. I am lucky my mum looks young and I take after her - although it was annoying as a teen getting carded every few minutes, ha!

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We are enjoying the warmer summer-like weather!

Away From The Blue Blog

Amely Rose said...

This post is so amazing and useful!
I want to look younger in an easy way and who doesn't want to?!
Definetly need to try out these tps Rowena <3

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Sparkles of Light said...

Thank you for this! I'm going to be eating salmon over and over now.

Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

Corinne said...

I look young I think, but I'm starting to get a few tell tale signs on my skin! I need to sort that out.

Corinne x

Sakuranko said...

Oh thanks for share these useul tips darling

Blackswan said...

Great tips, Rowena! More importantly, we've to be happy to stay young! xoxo

Ivana Split said...

I typically do apply sunscreen cream on my hands everyday. Hands do give away much. I think sleep is one of the most important things as well. I feel like I look so much older when I don't get enough sleep.

ALLIE NYC said...

Excellent tips here especially diet. Sugar ages you. I give myself a little leeway between Halloween and New Years but the rest of the year I try to steer clear of too many sweets.

Allie of

Beauty said...

Great tips and beautiful reminder here for everyone. I need to work on all the tips on this list especially with being consistent with my exercise routine.