Ways To Boost Your Blog

Ways To Boost Your Blog

There are a number of tactics that you can use to help give your blog a boost. Whether you do it for a career or just a hobby, it can never hurt to have more followers and more traffic. But there are some ways to give your blog a boost that are more effective than others and have more value. So here are some of the things that you should be doing if you want to take things to the next level, and create a loyal and regular following.

Build an email list
This is something that you need to be doing sooner rather than later. So if you haven't started to build an email list, now is the time. Of course, to get people to really commit to your email list, you have to be offering them an incentive to do so. Many big websites will offer a discount on a first order, for example. But for bloggers, this could be some free or premium content, or perhaps an ebook or exclusive recipe if you’re a food blogger, for example. All you need is their name and email, but it shows brands that you have a following where information lands in their inbox, if things like social media were to go down.

Create a targeted Twitter following
Being able to create and grow a target following on Twitter can go along way to boosting your blog. Twitter is one of the best platforms to build a focused list of followers. It is simple and a pretty unfiltered system which means that your content and tweets can all be connected and linked, and even embedded in in order to help provide some visible attention.


Create great content
This might sound a little obvious, but when you break it all down, the reason someone will come to your blog in the first place, is because of the content that you are creating and sharing. When you look at a website that has a blog, you want to see relevant content to what their site is about, as well as tips and advice that are going to actually be useful. And when you create and publish great content, people are going to be much more likely to share it. So think about what you are writing, creating, and publishing. This will then help to be seen and shared across the internet, and help you to build awareness and a following.

Build your content for search engines
The content that you are creating should be compelling and satisfy a need for your readers. Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) when writing your content can go a long way to make sure that it can be found on a search engine and drive traffic to your blog. You might not see results  right away but over time the search engines will find your blog if you craft it in the right way.

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Ivana Split said...

Great tips.

Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Rowena, you definitely know how to build a successful blog! Especially the tip with collecting the emails really makes sense. I still blog especially for my own joy but I'm thankful for visitor who finally comes to my blog.
xx Rena