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Reading... What We Were Promised. This book which tells the story of the Zhen family who move back to China after 20 years of living in America is an interesting story wrapped up in culture, tradition and family dynamics.

Watching... Vagabond.  Okay I started watching this because of Lee Seung Gi and it is both intensely action packed and filled with intrigue. Since it's being aired simultaneously in Korea and on Netflix in the US, we have to not so patiently wait for new episodes every week. Action is a new genre for Seung Gi and he is pulling if off. I just wish he had a better costar than Suzy because her acting is very weak and she is not believable as a national security agent. Han Hyo Joo would've been amazing the role but she's been busy with Treadstone.

Drinking...  elderberry & echinacea tea. This tea features a blend of elderberry, blackcurrant, elderflower, echinacea and aniseed has a subtle fruity flavor which is just lovely.

Eating... black bean and kale quesadillas. Next to Asian food, we love Mexican food. I have a Mexican style salad in rotation as well as tacos but these quesadillas have been a favorite lately. They are vegetarian, easy to make, packed with fiber, taste amazing. We like to eat them topped with guac cause guac makes everything better.

Backing... MOVE Supermarket on Kickstarter. Move is billed as the supermarket of the future that will offer premium groceries for 30% less shipped directly to your home. The whole concept as well as their product offerings sound very appealing to me.

Wearing... graphic tees paired with blazers and jeans or joggers which is my current style uniform. This one is the newest addition to my wardrobe.

Redecorating... with some new art and new vases. I usually do a little refresh in the spring and fall. No I don't believe in seasonal decorating though because it's not practical for us and is a waste of money. It's a blessing to be married to a man whose masculinity isn't threatened by pink accents. I know some women whose husbands don't allow their input in decor and their homes look like old men with no taste live there.

Keeping... our phones clean and germ-free with a PhoneSoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer and Universal Phone Charger. I wipe down my phone regularly but I was concerned that wasn't enough to keep it clean especially after I read that a cell phone can have 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. Gross! This sanitizer which doubles as a charger is supposed to kill 99.99% of bacteria with UV-C light. It's super easy to use and gives me peace of mind. It works on anything that can fit inside. I've used it my keys and credit cards as well. Btw I'm really loving the camera on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. It performs so much better in low light and the colors are truer overall.

Excited... about the Yankees postseason run! They're currently playing the Minnesota Twins in the ALDS. It's incredible how they won their division and ended up with the second best record all while enduring more player injuries than any other team in the history of baseball.

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Emmylou said...

Oh my gosh! I need to add that phone sanitizer in my life, chingu! I also wipe my phones regularly but I'm pretty sure there's always stuff in there I can't get off. And will add Vagabond to my to-watchlist for sure.:D
Have a great Monday!

R's Rue said...

I want that top.

Hena Tayeb said...

A phone sanitizer sounds wonderful.. especially with kids and the flu season..

little luxury list said...

Wow the Yankess have had a crazy season! Thanks for sharing the phone charger. I realllly need to sanitize my phone more often!

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

I would love to read 'What we were promised'. I am sure it will be an interesting story. I clean my phone with sanitizing wipes because it's very important to keep clean your phone every time.
Have a happy Monday.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow, elderberry and echinacea tea sounds so yummy.

The Liberty Belle said...

Your tea sounds good and the elderberry and echinacea are perfect for this time of year. A good book, such as the one you mentioned, along with a tea packed with healing properties sounds like a good combo to me. By the way, I love Mexican food too! We're kindred spirits.

Mica said...

I love a good graphic tee, I need to try wearing mine with blazers more before our weather heats up too much - has been a very hot start to spring so far! :)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Away From Blue

The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

Books sounds very interesting. I would like to read it. Thank you so much for sharing.

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ALLIE NYC said...

Yes it is frustrating when you do not believe an actor when there is bad casting. MoveSupermarket does sound good though ultimately could put more people out of work, hopefully not. And who that phone cleaner thingy I need that!

Allie of

Ivana Split said...

What We Were Promised sounds like an interesting book! Most similar books I read were about Chinese families moving to the West (Europe or USA), it would be nice to learn something about what the possible return might look and feel like.

Pilar said...

I need that phone sanitizer! Phones carry so many germs!