3 Simple Ways To Keep Our Brains Sharp

Simple Ways To Keep Our Brains Sharp
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We all know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste and in the midst of the coronavirus, we should be making sure that we are keeping our faculties as sharp as possible. As most of us are in quarantine at home, we need to find ways, not just to entertain ourselves, but to make sure that we are able to look forward, mentally speaking. This means taking on some  different approaches to keeping our brains active and engaged.

Fun Quizzes
Whether it's an abundance of Disney quiz questions or a round of Trivial Pursuit, keeping your brain sharp doesn't necessarily have to be about learning quadratic equations. Instead you can try things that are fun and entertaining. The more fun something is, the more we engage with it. When we struggle to learn something or we get frustrated because it's too difficult it can have an adverse effect. But if we make things light and enjoyable it can have a massive impact on our frame of mind.

Making sure that you keep your brain sharp goes together keeping your body in shape. Exercise is  beneficial for us in general but studies have shown that physical activity can also enhance cognitive function so simply going out for a quick walk or jog can also have a positive impact on our minds. At the moment when we think about ways to get the blood flowing exercise is a logical option. Getting a workout in the first thing in the morning is always great but exercise can also be beneficial when we are feeling down or bored as an energy or mood booster.

The Importance Of Reading
If reading is something you haven't had time for now, the time home now presents the perfect opportunity to get into that pile of books that have been sitting there unread. Reading means that we can truly get lost in a book so we are able to distract ourselves and maybe also immerse ourselves in another world. At the moment it might be realistic to make a goal to read a book a week. This also gives you a routine for you to stick to.

There's not much we can do to delay the aging process but boosting our brain power is one way we can improve our quality of life especially during tumultuous times like what we are experiencing at the moment. The best way to do this is by establishing routines and diversifying our methods.

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Evi Erlinda said...

The most I do from the three is reading.
I love reading. I read books, but lately I prefer read blogs.

Jackie Harrison said...

We have to keep our brain motivated and these suggestion are great stimulation for the brain. Be safe doll.