3 Tips For Getting In Shape

Lee El W, Lee El Fitness

We all want to look after ourselves, mind and body and it's normal to feel out of shape from time to time and the need to do something about it. The goal might be that weight loss is important to us, it might be that wanting to improve our immune system or give our fitness level an extra boost. Deciding to do something about it is actually the most important step, but what next? Here are 3 tips for getting in shape.

Get the basics right
Before you launch headlong into any complicated or strict diets or fill your diary with dozens of sessions at the gym, it is worth getting a basic system in place first. Getting into shape doesn't just affect your physical self, it will be good for your mental health, if you do it right. Take care not to overload yourself by taking on too much all at once, work on these basics so that you are comfortable with them and then start to put your goals into place. Work on getting good habits around getting plenty of sleep and rest each day, drinking lots of water and finding a healthy balance between work, exercise and resting up. When you feel that you are ticking these areas off, it is time to step it up.

Do some research
Whether you are keen to learn more about tummy tucks or you want to know more about a keto diet, it is always best to do some some research to work out exactly what is right for you. It can be easy to get swept up in the latest fads or seemingly easy wins, but it is worth taking some time to look into what you can realistically do and what you are likely to be able to sustain. Once you have researched and figured out how you want to reach your goals, you can make a plan for yourself. This should include any goals and activities you want to do. The goals need not be targets in terms of figures, it might be that your goal is to sleep better or to feel fitter. 

Enjoy it
When you enjoy something, you do more of it and you'll keep it up. It’s perfectly natural, so if you plan to get in shape, you need to find an enjoyable way of doing it. You can have fun exploring your options around the exercise that you plan to take by testing out a few different activities and classes. You might find that you love going to the gym and are happy to spend time there, or you might find that you hate being cooped up inside and want to spend your time hiking in your local forest and swimming in the lake. You might find a sport that you love and do several times a week, or you might find that you enjoy a combination of different things to keep it interesting for you. Whether it is yoga, running or mountain biking, choose something that you like to do and you will be sure to enjoy your journey and stick with it.

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Shireen L. Platt said...

I am at the age now that I can't shed the weight as easily anymore so I have to start working out. It took me a long time to figure out the best workout for myself, I get bored easily but I think I'm at a good spot now. I workout 6 days a week for an hour, sometimes a little more and I start with 35-45 minutes yoga and then 20-25 minutes weight training and I am at the best shape of my life! I also changed the way I cook, less oil, cook from scratch, etc and it really helps.

Ivana Split said...

Finding what really works for us and enjoying it makes all the difference. I keep in shape by hiking as I'm an outdoor person and like being in nature, breathing the fresh air and so on.

Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips I'm trying to incorporate some new move to my exercise regimen to release stress.