Be Healthier With Your Beauty Routine

Be Healthier With Your Beauty Routine

It’s a common trope that women will go through all sorts of trials and tribulations to maintain their beauty and skin routines. Some of this is trying to paint us as a little vain, but there’s no denying that we can be very resourceful when it comes to taking care of ourselves. However, there’s some harm we shouldn’t be willing to bear. With a deeper dive, many of us are finding that the some of stuff that’s meant to be “good for us” might not be. Here are a few ways to stay clear and protect yourself.

Being sold more than we need
The morning cleanse might be an important part of your skincare ritual, but did you know that in some cases it could be doing you more harm than good? It depends largely on your skin type and what’s going on with it but, for most women, unless you’re removing products you used the night before, cleansing your face too deeply can actually be harmful. You can remove the healthy oils your skin produces as night, leaving you more prone to skin problems.

Using non-beauty products for beauty purposes
Marketers will find any way to sell their product, which sometimes includes recommending it be used for more than their intended purpose. Talcum powder is one of the most famous examples for this, as it only started being marketed as a product that can reduce moisture, chafing and odors fairly recently. It can do all that, but it has also since become associated with a wide range of talcum powder-related injuries. More and more, the potential link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer risks is becoming a matter of public scrutiny, showing that we should be careful about what we put on our bodies.

The ever-growing ingredient lists
Sometimes, this rule is hard not to break, but it’s a good rule to follow: don’t use products with ingredients that you don’t understand. The beauty and skincare industry has become an increasingly dangerous place to shop due to the amount of potentially dangerous products lurking in their ingredient lists. Parabens, phthalates, toluene and the ever nebulous “parfum” are just some of the harmful ingredients to avoid. Some of them are known to do more harm than good for your skin, while others are jargon used to hide what the actual ingredients are.

Mind what you put in your body too
Supplements and herbal extracts may come with some benefits that make us glow all the brighter, but we should be careful with how we take them. These supplements work like any other medication, which means that they have the same potential to have unforeseen side-effects, to be an allergy risk, and to interact with any other medications we might be taking. Before you start relying too heavily on any supplements or extracts, it’s wise to talk to your doctor about them first.

Manufacturers in health, beauty, and wellbeing products usually mean well, but there have been too many side effects and scares to take their word for it. Always do the research on what you put on or in your body.

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Pilar said...

I love this post Rowena! My skin can go from normal to oily (and sometimes dry) depending on the weather. I try to limit my skincare to brands I know usually works for my skin. I also pay close attention to the ingredients so I won't be using products that contain harmful ingredients.

Hena Tayeb said...

Some great tips.. I usually wash my face with just water.

Ivana Split said...

This is so true. We should always be mindful of what we use and put in and on our body.