Time-Saving Tools To Use When Blogging Is Your Business

me-Saving Tools To Use When Blogging Is Your Business

When it comes to running a business, you will need to find ways to make the most of your time.  Every moment that you have is vitally important when you are looking to be as productive as possible. The good news is that there are a wealth of time-saving tools that can help to streamline your workflow and save you time as well. The best of both worlds. This is particularly true if a major component of your business (or all of it for that matter) is blogging.

Social media is a crucial part of content marketing as this is where all the posts you create will end up. This means that you need to make sure that you properly manage your social media and make the most of it and everything it can do for you. But sometimes there may be circumstances where you may not be able to post when you need to. This is where a tool like Sendible can help. This social media management tool lets you plan and schedule content ahead of time to give you flexibility and efficiency.

Sign Easy
No matter the nature of your business and the type of blog you run there is a good chance that you will need to sign contracts and approve documentation. You can do this without having to print documentation by having an electronic signature tool, which allows you to add a copy of your signature to any document electronically. A great example of how to make an electronic signature can be found at Sign Easy. They make the process of signing and preparing documents really simple and foolproof.

Google Docs
If you blog on the go and travel  a lot then you will want to be able to access those key documents no matter where you are. This is where Google Docs can help. Google Docs is a free web based word processor that allows you remote access to documents you have already created and added to your drive and also create new documents. An internet connection will help for the best experience .

For the ultimate in content marketing tool, you are going to need Squirrly. It is designed to help you write content that is SEO friendly (something that every piece of content should work hard to be) and read perfectly to your customers. This is key to a winning combination for your content and your business.

If you are having trouble focusing on all the things you need to do including errands that you need to complete and events you need to attend, you may need a program like Wunderlist. This combination to-do list and task manager helps you to manage your personal life as much as your business life and this can have a positive impact on your business and the way you run it.

So, how exactly can Bitly be used as a time-saver for bloggers? Well, it is a valuable tool that a lot (if not all) bloggers use for their business. With its URL shortening feature, bloggers can create concise, customized links that are perfect for sharing across various platforms, from social media to email newsletters. Alright, so this is a great tool, but does it actually save time? Well, think of it this way: whether you need to change Bitly link destination on your posts (or social media), it can save a lot of time doing so. There are no long, ugly looks that appear spammy, and it also make it easy to keep up with who's clicking which links as well.

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