Eye Candy : Chang Chen For Wonderland

Chang Chen WondeChang Chen, Chang Chen Wonderland China, Chang Chen 2022, 张震

I can't believe that I haven't featured Chang Chen more since he's been a longtime favorite ever since Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together. The Taiwanese actor who is probably best known for his role of the dashing desert bandit Dark Cloud in the award winning martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And this year he appeared in the Hollywood remake of the sci-fi film Dune as Dr. Wellington Yueh, a role he won because of director Denis Villeneuve's admiration for his work. Some standout performances include the the Taiwanese films Three Times and The Assassin and the Korean film Breath in which his character doesn't speak a single word. 

This Lunar New Year themed editorial for Wonderland is a nice segue into the Lunar New Year which begins tomorrow. It will be the Year of Tiger, which symbolizes strength, bravery and loyalty. I would like to wish everyone who is celebrating a joyous new year filled with abundant happiness, good health and good fortune ! Gong Hei Fat Choy! Xin Nian Kuai Le! 新年快乐! 恭禧发财! I will be making this lucky dish for our New Year's dinner tonight.



These are great photos and he looks great.

Hena Tayeb said...

Nice brooding eye. Great photos.

FashionRadi said...

Happy Lunar Year! Don't know him but I love these shots.

Emmylou said...

Heehee...what a great post to read today, chingu:D He is mighty fine for sure!
Happy New Year to you, hubby and all your loved ones:)Really hoping that 2022 will be a lot better...fingers crossed.

Jo Rashi said...

Amazing pictures..he looks great :-)
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Kinga K. said...

Original ❤

Abdel said...

Interesting post! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. :)

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