5 Ways To Cultivate Hygge in Your Life This Winter

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By now, you’ve probably heard about hygge. Pronounced hew-guh, the Danish word defines a concept that loosely translates to a feeling of coziness, happiness, intimacy, and contentment that comes from relishing in the present moment. With no comparable word in the English language, defining the word succinctly is almost impossible. The Danish are no strangers to cold, dark, and harsh winters. To get through the long winter months, they came up with hygge as a way to appreciate the bright and joyful moments during the frigid season. Whether you live in the far north or are lucky to have closer to ten hours of daylight throughout the winter, chances are you’re familiar with seasonal depression. Cultivating hygge in your life is a great way to help you prioritize your health in challenging times.
Increase The Light In Your Home
No matter where you live, winters have considerably less light than summers. Getting used to a lack of daylight can throw off your circadian rhythm and affect your mood. To combat this, supplement your home with more light. This may include lighting lots of candles (or investing in battery-powered flameless candles) or stringing fairy lights wherever you can. Try to choose lights with a golden glow to cultivate ultimate that feeling of warmth and coziness.
Engage In Self-care
Self-care looks different for everyone. For some, it may be a hot bath or a comfortable evening curled up with a good book. For others, it may involve going for a workout or engaging in a favorite hobby. Whatever it is that brings you joy and encourages you to slow down, make time for it. Self-care helps you focus on and appreciate the present and reflect on where you’re at in life.
Plan Simple Activities With Friends
Many hygge articles focus on home decor and staying at home, but hygge as a concept isn’t just about changing your environment to create serenity and joy. Hygge can also encompass many different elements of one's life. Hygge is about intimacy, whether with yourself or others. There’s nothing like spending time with the people you love to get a boost of endorphins. If you’re used to going out to bars and activities with friends, shift gears and do something a little more low key. This might involve playing board games, hiking, or a simple night spent with a good charcuterie board in front of the fireplace.
Cook Your Favorite Comfort Foods
Do you ever think about a favorite dish a grandparent or parent made for you when you were a child? The feeling that comes with that memory is precisely what hygge is all about. To recreate that feeling, cook that easy lamb roast recipe yourself. Penciling in a tea, hot chocolate, or coffee and cake break in the middle of your workday is also a great way to slow down for a minute.
Comfort Is Key
After working from home for awhile, you have probably acquired enough comfy pieces that this tip is a no-brainer. If you’re still lacking in some easy loungewear, it might be time to invest in some cozy socks, fur-lined slippers, and fleece sweaters. Make sure you have a thick, warm blanket and a comfortable place to sit and relax.

In essence, hygge is all about embracing and finding enjoyment in the little things in life and increasing your sense of contentment. If you incorporate some principles of hygge now, you might find spring arriving before you know it.

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Jackie Harrison said...

I been trying to incorporate self care which it has been very hard due to my schedule.