Staying Comfortable And Classy This Summer

How To Stay Comfortable During The  Summer, Summer Comfort

The summer season is truly upon us, as many us are well aware, with the sweltering temperatures and heat waves hitting all over. For fashionable women, intense heat and sunlight can pose some pretty tough challenges when it comes to style and comfort. How can you stay cool and comfortable while also looking your best? It’s a balancing act that isn’t always easy but achievable. Here are a few tried and tested tips, as well as a few reminders to ensure that your health and safety come first.

Go All Natural
No, this doesn’t mean walking around naked. Rather, you should be looking at the tags of the clothes you wear to see what materials are in them since it’s going to matter more than ever. In general, natural fibers are a lot more airy and cooler than their artificial counterparts. Of course, there are specific breathable fabrics that you should rely on more and more often, with linen and cotton being the best of the bunch. Rayon is not natural, but it’s also decent for dry heat situations. It’s not as breathable, but it is super light and delicate, meaning that it’s not going to overheat the body as much as other with other artificial fabrics like polyester.

Get Rid Of The Bras
Again, this doesn’t mean leaving modesty entirely at the door. However, restrictive bras are going to feel even more restrictive in the heat, and there are much more practical and comfortable options out there. If you haven’t tried them yet, it might be time to try out some cotton bralettes, or you can switch to strapless bandeaux styles that provide support without being quite as constrictive. Of course, if you’re feeling like it, you can go braless, but you might want to make sure that you’re wearing fabrics that aren’t going to show off a little more than you’re prepared to. Your comfort level is what matters most but a little self-awareness doesn’t hurt, either.

How To Stay Comfortable During The  Summer, Summer Comfort
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Keep It Simple With Dresses
Summer is not the time for layers and you also don't want to wear anything that’s too oppressive or leaves too much of you covered in that heat. That doesn't mean you have to end up with the most basic and generic looks available. It cam be worth taking a look at some of the boutique fashion dresses that are always pop up around this time of year. Dresses are a great way to look effortlessly polished and put together while keeping you cool. Opt for looser rather than body conforming styles for maximum coolness and comfort.

Get Loose With It
Got a boyfriend or an ex’s shirt lying around? If you’re going casual, there are worse things you can do than stealing it for the day. You want to keep your clothing loose, as you want to make sure that your body gets as much airflow as possible. If you’re sticking to tight clothes, especially if they’re not breathable, then your sweat isn’t going to be able to evaporate and leave the body, which keeps you feeling hot and uncomfortable. There are lots of ways to style an oversized t-shirt so that it looks like more a part of your outfit rather than something that you just tossed on before you got out the door. If it’s good enough for the celebs, it should be good enough for you, too, right?

Be Smart With Your Footwear
The lighter you can get on your feet, the better. Try to ditch your socks when it’s overly hot. If you have to wear a pair, then try to make sure they're pure cotton. Look for shoes that are easy to breathe through, as well, whether it’s open-toe flats, sandals, or espadrilles. If you’re in a professional setting, try to keep it to light-weight flats that provide support and coverage to get you through the day without stifling you. Otherwise, the heat, friction, and sweat can make your feet pretty sore by day’s end.

Protect Your Skin
Sun protection is especially important in the summer. If you’re in the middle of a heatwave, you should try to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours when the sun is the strongest.  If you do plan to be out and about, you better take care of your skin. Make sure that you choose a good sunscreen (mineral sunscreen is recommended for those who have allergies or have especially sensitive skin), apply regularly and re-apply it when you’re out in the sun. Try to stick to light color palettes, as well. Light colors reflect light and heat, while dark colors attract and absorb heat, so keep that in mind. Now is not the time to show off how good you look in black (even if you do look really, really good.)

How To Stay Comfortable During The  Summer, Summer Comfort

Don’t Underestimate A Good Hat
When possible, keeping your skin from direct contact with the sun is your best bet. This goes double for your face, not only because the skin here can be a little more sensitive, but it’s also where the signs of aging can start to appear first, and these can be exacerbated by exposure to UV light. As such, you should look at some of the best sun hats on the market to not only offer your face some shade and protect your skin but to give you some comfort and a cool signature to your silhouette. Find the hat that best suits your style, or multiple hats if you want a little variety, and don’t leave home without it.

Master The Shades

A pair of sunglasses are a sure bet on a sunny day. The comfort and protection they can provide is immediate, with no squinting necessary, and they do bring a level of cool as well.  Maybe you haven’t enjoyed how you look in them before. If that’s the case, it’s most likely because you didn’t choose a pair suited to your face. There are, largely speaking, five different face shapes, as well as natural palettes that, when understood, can help you pick a pair of sunglasses that best goes with your features. Use an online guide to help you pick the right sunglasses, and start offering your eyes the protection from UV light that can keep them healthy and comfortable.

Stay Hydrated
As it’s hotter, we’re going to sweat more, and the more we sweat, the more moisture our body loses. If we’re not careful in replenishing our moisture levels, then we’re going to start feeling the effects of hydration. Know the symptoms so that, if you start to feel them, you know to start drinking water immediately. Keeping up with your water drinking needs is one way to fight off dehydration, but you should look at hydrating skin creams, as well. If you’re feeling overheated, a pack of ice chips can be a great way to soothe yourself while hydrating, without the bloating feeling of drinking a ton of water in one go. Dehydration is a lot more serious than many people treat it, don’t let it happen to you.

How To Stay Comfortable During The  Summer, Summer Comfort

Find Your Outdoor Hideouts
As hot as it is, you don’t want to spend all that time cooped up inside. As such, it might be time to start looking for outdoor hideouts and hangouts where you and your friends can spend a little more time out in the fresh air with. This might mean cafes with plenty of external seating and rooftop bars to spend your evenings in. Or you might even want to prep the garden to make it perfect for summer parties and outdoor evening chill sessions. It’s not just your fashion and self-care that you should think about adjusting, you should look at how and where you spend your time, as well, if you want to hang out comfortably.

Use Aloe To Stay Cool At Night
When the sun’s going down, sometimes what's left behind is a really muggy, sticky heat that can make it difficult to cool down and relax at night. Cooling bed sheets can provide some relief, but you you should also look into the cooling power of aloe vera. Consider the growing trend of aloe pajamas, which are designed to cool the body and fight off night sweats. Bamboo pajamas are another style that have been helping people cool down and they can be just as great for chilling in your garden as in your bed.

Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on how to stay cool without sacrificing your style while you enjoy your summer. Your personal preferences may well play a role in some of these recommendations  but there should be something for everyone to change or try out.

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