The American States To Add To Your Bucket List

Heading to the USA may seem like one of those trips that would be bucket list worthy, wouldn’t you agree? With so many states and destinations to choose from, you could spend your whole traveling life visiting every part of it. However, there are some destinations in the US that are worth adding to your bucket list and should certainly be higher in priority in your future holiday plans for many different reasons. With that in mind, here are some of the best states to include on your travel bucket list.

Florida might be one to add to your bucket list as there are many reasons why you should have it on there. Not only do you have the fabulous Orlando, filled with some of the best theme parks in all of the world, but you also have some of the best beaches around in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and The Florida Keys. These locales will provide an escape real life and have you relaxing into that beach vibe in no time at all. There is more to Florida than a rollercoaster ride and meeting Mickey Mouse, but even if that is the only reason to visit, it is a worthy one.

New Jersey
New Jersey is a state that is in the Northeast region of the USA, and is one that can often be overlooked. However, there are a few reasons to add it to your bucket list, and one of them happens to be their entertainment hotspot that is Atlantic City. Not only do you have fabulous bars to experience, but also spas and casinos to enjoy. With Jersey Shore and the famous Liberty State Park you will have plenty to see and do in this state.

While the state of Illinois might not immediately spring to mind, with the city of Chicago you are bound to find plenty to see and do here. Illinois is a Midwestern state that is nicknamed the Prairie state. It is dotted with farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands making it it an interesting place to visit. The city of Chicago has a lot to offer, with a bustling nightlight and fabulous museums, you can wander the streets and simply take in the skyline and marvel at the famous skyscrapers such as the Willis Tower.

Maybe California is the one for you. The sunshine state has Hollywood, the home of where top films are produced, but you also have scenic cities like San Francisco, San Diego and the indie vibe that Santa Cruz can offer. California has something for everyone, and many people consider a road trip of this state to take it all in. There are some beautiful destinations in this state, so you are bound to find a place that you fall in love with.

New York
The state of New York has many hidden gems, but of course one of the most iconic places happens to be New York City. You can walk down the sidewalks of Manhattan, pretending you're in an episode of one of your favorite television shows, you can shop until your heart's content in some of the most iconic stores, see a show on Broadway, or just take in some of the best views around on top of the Empire State Building. A Midtown East Hotel is the perfect location to see some of the best spots in the city. New York has some beautiful suburban towns as well, so if the Big Apple is not for you, there are also other places to explore.

There is one thing for it when it comes to Nevada, and that is Las Vegas which is also known as sin city. It is probably on many bucket lists already but if it isn't on yours, it should be included in this list anyway. Seeing the sights and sounds of the lights and grandeur that is the Las Vegas strip, betting a bit of money on the roulette or slot machines, or just enjoying cocktails around the pool or taking in one of the famous residency shows can make for a really fun holiday getaway.

Finally, we have the state of Texas which really has so much to offer in terms of a vacation. The musical capital of Austin has some of the best live music around, but there are also cities such as Houston and Dallas that you can take in as well. Finally, if you like the chance to just sit and relax then you can people watch in the multicultural area of San Antonio.

Let’s hope this has given you some food for thought for your next trip away.

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