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When it comes to gifts for the home, there are a number of ways you can go. Home decor or entertaining related items are always fun and appropriate and I think for most,  edible presents are quite welcome as well.. Thoughtful items are always appreciated as well as those which are practical as the recipient may think warmly of you each time they use the item.

1. Raaka Chocolate Best Sellers Trio
Presented in a box ready for gifting, this trio features Rakka's best-selling flagship, fair trade, organic chocolate bars that showcase the unique flavors of the brand's bean-to-bar dark chocolate. I became a big fan of their chocolate made with transparently sourced, traceable, high quality, single origin cacao during quarantine. It is delicious. Especially a fan of their range made without cane sugar.

This set  comes with 12 travel-friendly sachets of the brand's popular turmeric blends to support clear, glowing skin and inner wellness. The cacao turmeric is my favorite. It tastes so lovely mixed with vanilla oat milk.

Living Vinegar is an entirely new take on vinegar. Carrot, celery, and jalapeño juices bring deep, earthy flavors, and fresh, green notes at once. It’s not quite hot sauce, but it definitely has spice—and a ton more flavor.

Coco and Seed is a woman owned business based in Arizona. Each kit is prepared and packed with care in mind. Each trio kit comes with everything you grow healthy greens. All that's needed is a sunny spot and water.

Based out of California, Robin and Andréa McBride turned their passion for wine into the largest Black-owned wine company in America. Their sustainable blends are delicious and their name is magical. This three-pack includes a rosé, a riesling, and a red blend.

This specialty curated set of six organic and ethically sourced teas packaged in beautiful tins is sure to delight any tea lover. 

This  propriety blend of organic cocoa powder, organic reishi mushroom extract, eleuthero root extract, ashwagandha root extract uses adaptogens to help protect against stress, and medicinal mushroom extracts and herbs to help decrease fatigue, protect the immune system and improve blood flow.

Nothing beats fresh popcorn. This popcorn maker cooks up to 16 cups of fresh popcorn at a time effortlessly with hot air.

These spice bottles and rack are streamlined essentials that are as good looking as they are functional. The container tops are sliding so they can be opened with one hand, and they are equipped with spouts for sprinkling or pouring. I own these and they are the best.

These dipsticks are a fun name game that keeps everyone engaged and interactive for hours of quality time.

Sustainably made from 75 percent recycled plastic, the reBoard is a versatile cutting board that looks and feels good, and it’s sturdy, easy to clean, and earth friendly as well.

Dubbed the "internet's favorite pan" this 8 in 1 cookware is designed to be used as a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. And it comes in six fashion forward colors. 

These artfully designed sculptural stainless steel ice cubes provide a stylish way to chill your drinks without watering them down.

This touchless sensor pump may be the most efficient way to wash your hands in this COVID world as no germs or smudges left behind. It has a clog-proof tubing pump that ensures a precise and consistent flow, and recharges with the included charging puck with one charge lasting up to 3 months. We bought one of these in July and it works so efficiently while giving us more peace of mind.

Function-focused and sleek, this purpose-made butter spreader offers exceptional ease of use.

This set of whimsical salt and pepper shakers designed in the shape of two of the most recognizable  buildings of NYC's iconic skyline are sure to start a conversation at any meal.

Made of pressed glass with impressive hobnail detailing, this pressed glass votive holder will bring a fun element of texture to its surroundings.

This beautiful perfume bottle crafted of high-quality glass rod can be endlessly refilled and would make a marvelous addition to any vanity or countertop.

Hand wash has become more than a necessity this year and this is one of the best. A gentle formulation containing oils of Orange, Rosemary and Lavender to effectively cleanse the hands without drying them out.

This type of incense with the healing scent of white sage is part of an ancient practice has been thought to cleanse and purify any space. Can be relit as desired. Things got so bad for us at one point this year that we used one of these.

A classic game is reimagined in vibrant color, this domino set is made from impact-resistant lucite, so it's great for home play or travel.

A traditional Christmas gift, within weeks, this picotee amaryllis bulb will produce large, white blooms with a red pencil edging. Amaryllises require minimal light and water. Bulb can be stored over the summer and replanted the following winter. I received one of these for Christmas and it was such a delight to have blooming flowers in the dead of winter. We were able to regrow it several times as well.

This chic reed diffuser disperses a calming scent throughout any room. Scent to De-Stress features a complex blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood.

This large scale book filled with marvelous color photography features a selection of the stunning homes showcased in Vogue magazine over the years.  The spaces are impeccably designed and highly aspirational. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift myself. I have also given to others and it has always been well received.

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Sudibjo said...

thank you for sharing

this is will be great gifts for our homes

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I like diffusers ❤

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So many cute ideas, the winter bulb kit is lovely!
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Ivana Split said...

These are really diverse and lovely gift option. The single source organic chocolate without sugar sounds like a fantastic gift options. The ice cubes are adorable. The internet most popular pan looks great. The Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens and People edition that showcases houses featured in Vogue magazine is a great gift idea as well.

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These are such a great ideas for gifts. I like book and winter bulb kit. Thank you for sharing.

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Corinne said...

Wine is always a good gift! Also I love home gifts too. I'm so behind on Christmas things this year with the baby!

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Love these home gift ideas! I'm seriously tempted by the Always Pan...

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These are cool gift ideas! Love the domino set.

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That Vogue Living book is really interesting!
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So many great picks! We got a popcorn maker last year and love it.

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That tea looks amazing! and the wine is a great gift option!!
love your picks: they actually gave me a couple of ideas ;)

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