Holiday Gift Guide : Under $30

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Gift are about the thought that goes into them, not the cost. When you try to make it meaningful and purposeful, it will go a long way to impress the recipient. These are a mix of fun and practical picks that  are reflective of the year we are living in and are suitable for friends, family as well as colleagues. And yes everything is under $30!

This  soothing & clarifying essential oil blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor & black pepper can be rolled onto the pulse points to help you to relax and breathe easier.

Hand sanitizer is a must now but they're not all created equal. This premium sanitizer is 70% USP-grade organic sugarcane alcohol blended with rosehip seed, jojoba and italian bergamia oils to eliminate 99.9% of germs and nourish skin. The slim design is also attractive, practical as well as pocket and purse friendly.

This liquid-free, reusable touchscreen cleaner can be used to remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges on phones, tablets, GPS, or any other touchscreen device.

This adorable USB rechargeable miniature vacuum is perfect for cleaning your desk and keyboard.

This set of mask chains offers an easy and stylish solution to keep your mask close by when you're eating or drinking.

This tool helps you to avoid high-touch areas. It can be used to push ATM buttons, open doors and checkout at the grocery store without touching potentially dirty surfaces.

Key chains should be fun and this one adds a touch of whimsy while looking cute. I have a customized version of this which is a great conversation starter.

With two mini games, this combines the fun of PacMan with Tamagotchi.

This adorable portable charger in the shape of a corgi keeps devices juiced on the go.

Go old school with this cute one-time use camera loaded with a roll of 35mm color analogue film and built-in flash. The whole camera can be sent away to be developed when done.

This candle in an artfully designed tin reveals a fragrance of sea salt, jasmine and marine notes that is both light and refreshing.

This DIY which lets you build miniature felt succulent terrariums is a cute gift idea for art lovers and would-be gardeners alike. 

This kit contains a mix of fun and functional items to help people cope with working from home with some humor.

This book which addresses the issue of race relations through a personal lens should be required reading for everyone.  I read it October and the powerful and thought provoking words still resonate with me.

This antique-style mister will keep plants healthy and can also serve as lovely piece of décor when not in use.

These sustainable lollipops are two gifts in one as the biodegradable sticks can be used to plant and grow a range of herbs and flowers.

This engaging deck with cards that contain an inspiring phrase and a mindfulness exercise makes it easy to add more positivity, awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life.

This colorful mini gift box with four milk-chocolate bars and one white-chocolate bar in global-inspired flavors is perfect for those who prefer lighter chocolates.

This striking bone and resin storage box features a geometric design for a look that is both bold and minimal at once.

This journal filled with soothing illustrations and mindfulness-inducing prompts and activities for every day of the year, offers up a fun way to relax and detox from digital overload.

This subway map–themed mug pokes fun at the ups and downs of "commuting while remote working.

This glass and marble bowl features an eye catching design that is both elegant and modern. I have two of these and they are perfect for snacks or sauces/dips.

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Emmylou said...

Oh my gosh! These are all great, chingu,but that mini vacuum....I want want want!!!
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Pilar said...

These are all great affordable gifts! The marble bowl is beautiful and elegant!

R's Rue said...

This is brilliant. I'd love the candle

Paola Lauretano said...

So many lovely ideas here, in love with that cute striped b&w box!
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That corgi charger is so adorable. I also like the mini vacuum cleaner. Great gift ideas. Have a lovely weekend.

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