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The holiday season is upon us and because we can’t be with our family and friends this year, giving thoughtful gifts may be more important and meaningful this year. I realize that people's financial situations may have been effected by the pandemic and this may also change gift giving routines. As always, it's the thought that counts and not the money spent. Supporting small and local businesses is more important than ever and so is giving back. You could also consider making a donation to a charity of your recipient's choice in lieu of a present. 

I'm kicking off my gift guide series with the wellness category which is near and dear to me because these are the types of gifts that make people's lives better.  In a year like this one, self care and wellness should be a priority and is something we can all benefit from. As I like to say there's no point in looking good when you feel like garbage. Some of these picks are personal favorites.

1. Cervical Neck Head Hammock Traction Device

This device which is hung on a doorknob and you lie down on the ground and suspend your head/neck in it, does wonders to relieve spinal compression and tension as well as alleviate tech neck. With the increased time spent on screens due to working at home, a lot more pressure is being put on our head/neck/shoulders and this offers an easy way to stretch and rejuvenate as well as prevent/relieve pain. This has been one of my favorite purchases this year and I use mine daily.

2. Foria Wellness Bath Salts with CBD & Lavender

There's nothing like a bath for relaxation and this wellness epsom salt bath soak featuring organically-grown kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp is formulated to nourish skin, encourage circulation, relieve discomfort, and leave you feeling revitalized.

3. Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

This hand-held massager which helps increase circulation to support  healthy scalp and hair can be used on it's own or with shampoo or a hair treatment. Regular scalp massage stimulates the scalp, encouraging hair to become stronger and more resilient. I like this tool for how it feels soothing and invigorating at the same time and use it a few times a week. 

4. Feel Better De-stress Ball

This soft and squishy rainbow lets you relieve your tension as you squeeze it and the colorful design also provides a little dose of cheer.

5. N.O.W. Tone Therapy System

These sound meditation speakers help you become more peaceful. Listening to them twice a day for three minutes can lower stress and anxiety in a manner similar to a 30-minute mindfulness meditation session. The tones help slow down the mind and increase awareness, leading to a range of benefits including enhanced focus and lessening daily reactivity.

6. UA Sportsmask

Made with high-performance water resistant and anti-microbial stay cool material, this mask is specifically designed to be worn all day, when playing sports or working out. It has a structured design that sits up off the face and mouth for added comfort and breathability.

7. Hers The Sleepy Tea

Blended with chamomile, lemon balm, linden flowers, orange blossoms, lavender flowers, as well as skullcap and valerian root, this tea combines popular herbs that help promote relaxation and sleep to help you unwind and get ready for bed.

8. PhoneSoap HomeSoap

This UV-C sanitizer that eliminates up to 99.9% of germs within 10 minutes can be used to sanitize larger size items like tablets, toys, remote controls and more. This is the next level of the PhoneSoap Pro UV Sanitizer which I purchased last year and can't imagine being without now.

9. Bala Sliders

These portable sliders can be used to support and intensify exercises for your core, abs and glutes. They come in a mesh bag so they can be taken on the go.

10. OPTP LO ROX Aligned Life Mini Infinity Roller

This mini body roller  made of soft, cushion-like foam has a unique shape that gently rolls deep into muscle tissue to help relieve pain, improve posture and decompress joints. It is ideal for use on hard to reach places and areas like the feet, lower back, shoulder blades, neck, head, chest, rotator cuffs, triceps, forearms, hands, calves and more. I have the full size version of this which I use regularly and swear by.

11. Tangram Factory Rookie Smart Jump Rope

Jumping rope is great cardio exercise that can easily be incorporated into a home workout. This bluetooth enabled smart jump rope connects to the included app to track progress and monitor activity to make the most of your workout. I'm getting this for my husband.

12. TheraGun Mini Percussive Therapy Massager

This compact sized percussive therapy device strikes a balance between power and size to provide a quality percussive therapy muscle treatment with convenient portability. 

13. Airfree Air Purifier

With COVID,  it's important not only to make sure surfaces are clean, but you want to keep the air you breathe at home clean as well This Iris 3000 air purifier is ideal since it has a small profile works silently. Not only that, it is truly low maintenance since it works with a filterless patented Thermodynamic TSS Core Technology system that uses heat to kill chemical and organic allergy causing microorganisms such as mold spores, fungus, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, or pet hair dander. We've had ours since August and it has been a lifesaver during allergy season and not having to change or clean and filters makes life easy.

14. Gaiam Evolve Balance Board

This ergonomically designed balance board is designed to keep your muscles activated and posture aligned when you’re at a standing desk (or makeshift laptop perched on a stack of books). It challenges your body to stay engaged during long periods of relative stillness, promoting neutral alignment of the ankles and feet.

15. Stamina 36" Folding Trampoline

A trampoline provides a safe, effective and progressive way to exercise at home or at the office for improved cardiovascular fitness, overall muscle strength, to aid in weight loss, and to improve circulation and  coordination. Studies have shown that rebounding has many positive health benefits.

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Thank you so much for sharing all of these. Therapy Massager seems amazing.

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Great ideas. I could definitely use the scalp massager.


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This Airpurifier sounds like a great investment, especially with the Covid 19 and everything. The scalp massager sounds lovely as well.

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I am seriously loving everything on this list, chingu! Very well-curated, but no surprise coming from you:) I wouldn't mind having that sportsmask and air purifier myself:D
Have a Happy Hump Day:)

Dressed With Soul said...

Such a well-chosen gift guide! Thank you! And from my side I can recommend such a trampoline, too, as I own already one and use it frequently!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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What a beautiful selection, very interesting products, and perfect Christmas gifts!
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Adding four and five to my list

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I really feel like 2020 is the year that I need a scalp massage tool!