Real Ways To Learn To Love Your Look

Learning to love your look will really show in your skin and in the way in which you carry yourself; a spa day and you’ll look hydrated and glowing, your beauty will look effortless, and you’ll be radiating confidence wherever you go! But before you get to a stage where you feel this secure in your looks, you may have to employ some smart and real ways to get there.

Wear the Right Size Clothing
Wearing something that actually fits you might not be a common practice in your wardrobe, but it most certainly should be because fit matters. If your clothes are too big or small, it can actually distort your body image and that’s not going to do any wonders for your mental perception of yourself. Buy clothes that are your size, and don’t be afraid to buy oversized items either because size is just a number. Learn to get comfortable in the clothes you wear, and maybe even branch out your style a little. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Something You Don’t Like
We're all told that we need to learn to love ourselves, both inside and out, in a natural and pure way but this is so much easier said than done. For some of us, we might never come to accept that birthmark or the freckles on our cheeks, and that’s not something to be ashamed of. These types of things may be a part of you but you don’t have to let them define you. In learning to love yourself, you also need to learn not to be afraid to change your look. If something isn’t working out for you, it's okay to take steps to change it, if it will boost your confidence. For example, if smiling makes you feel a little insecure, trying out some invisible braces could be the ticket to feeling more content with what you see in the mirror.

Stop Taking So Many Photos
Social media can be a real downer especially when we start comparing ourselves to all the pretty people on our feeds and start feeling negative about our own looks because of it. To combat this, stop taking so many photos of yourself, and stop taking in other people’s photo so much. Cut down on social media time, and thank your body for its unique beauty instead.

Give Yourself Something to Be Proud of
If you’re someone with low self esteem, and you’ve been trying to raise it for years, there may be a good chance you’ve been going about it the wrong way. Self esteem comes from the things that we do, and the things we’re proud of, not just the way we look.  Maybe you need to get involved with your community,  take a course to learn new skills, or start a blog and start writing about your life. The satisfaction that comes with these types of accomplishments will certainly help you to feel more secure in the way you look and feel, because of your actions.

Do you love your look? It’s time to learn how to!

This is a contributed post.
Photo: Unsplash


Ivana Split said...

Interesting points. I feel pretty comfortable in my skin so I guess I could say that I love my look.

Omaye said...

I realised that when I stopped looking at myself in the mirror to look at certain features, I forgot that I had issues with it and then stopped caring. I would look to see if I looked decent and I moved on. My features were not the topic of my narrow sight.
I didn't really care in the beginning until someone pointed something out and I had different thoughts about it. I then I realised that I didn't even care ti begin with so why care now.
It long but over analysing your face is literally death of self love and image.

Happy holidays my Internet friend.