A Difference Of Opinion

It's not a character flaw if I disagree with you and respecting my right to an opinion doesn't take away from yours.

Social media which has perpetuated identity politics, stan culture and clout chasing is currently reaching a tipping point. People are so obsessed with becoming keyboard warriors, political correctness and being seen on the "right" side that they just weigh in on topics, going along with the mob instead of taking the time to educate themselves before passing judgement and criticism. The certainty with which people rush to judgment without any knowledge of the facts is alarming, not withstanding that there are always three sides to each story, each side and the truth. 

This invokes the inherent danger of a loss of informed opinions as well as a loss of free speech when people who dare to voice dissenting opinions from what everyone else considers "correct" are instantly shot down not to mention it removes any chance for healthy discourse.  I'm not saying that everyone does this but I feel like people are sometimes afraid to voice their real opinions just  because they're afraid of being condemned and some will just pick a side while believing unsubstantiated information. 

And if you want to stan someone, you do you. Just make sure they're worthy and don't be so blind that you forgo all manner of common sense and critical thinking to defend them when they behave badly. Some people act like it’s the end of the world and you’re the worst person ever simply because you don’t think the world of whoever they stan. It’s not personal and it’s okay if we all don’t like the same things. I’m actually open to people trying to convince me why I should give something a chance, like a friend got me to come around on BTS. I actually like some of their songs and they're unproblematic. but I think it’s ridiculous to be canceled solely because you’re not a fan of someone which I’ve had happen as well. Hey it’s not my fault that your bias is polarizing. What's the point of dying on a hill for someone who doesn't even know or care that you exist anyway.


  1. The quote is spot on!

  2. I agree. I feel like media definitely has a fault in this as well but social media is really the biggest problem. Often when I open the news all you can read are reports of people arguing on social media and it's so toxic. It is so rare to hear an informed discussion and people respecting each other opinions. It's all about the drama, divisions and taking sides. This kind of drama sells but it is very bad in the long run, for absolutely everyone involved. People often write hurtful things in heat of the moment and insult one another- and just because it is online doesn't make it less real. It can even be worse because constant exposure to the online world is making everyone stressed. Everyone is eager to be on the right side and people are afraid because everything they are going to say can be twisted. I think it is important to remember that political correctness cannot be a substitute for using one's head. In addition, people need to work on building meaningful relationship and friendship instead of spending all of their time on social media.

  3. This quote is so perfect and such a great reminder to all of us.

  4. I feel the same as you. Many people are afraid to said what they think about some topic or person and that is huge problem. I believe that we should be open but sociaty and especialy medias don't support that.

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  5. I agree that we should strive for a healthy discourse with respect to both sides, especially when it comes to personal preferences.

  6. Hear hear, chingu! I am only on Twitter so I don't know how it is on other platforms, but man....Twitter lately has been such a s**t show it gives me a headache sometimes when I read other people's tweets. Totally agree....lately, if you criticize someone that everybody loves, you're clueless and deserve to be "cancelled". I just roll my eyes...there are world problems out there that are actually worth being outraged over.

  7. Such a good quote there and I agree - too often people are unable to handle those who think differently from them. It's a chance to learn, not a personal attack if someone thinks differently from you. nothing wrong with a healthy calm debate now and then, but people can get very emotional online!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. Thank you for posting this topic Rowena. I've noticed that a lot on social media, people arguing with each other because they have a difference of opinion. People don't have to tear each other down or be disrespectful because they have a difference of opinion.

  9. So, so good. <3
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  10. 100 percent agree we all individual with different taste in things, The world will be a boring place if we all like the same thing.

  11. I agree with this! It's fine to have our own opinion on things. Although when it comes to things like homophobia/racism, I don't have time for that and don't wish to engage with those types of people!

    Corinne x


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