Ways That Adults Can Make Friends

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People are social creatures. Regardless of how comfortable you feel when you meet new people, it is human nature to socialize. Making new friends can be a fantastic way of improving self-love and expanding your social circle. The problem with making friends is that it can be difficult as an adult. This doesn't it's mean impossible, it's just that you might have to get out of your comfort zone to bond with people.

Most adults consider the workplace an excellent spot to meet people. While this is true, making friends in the workplace depends entirely on the business culture. Some companies structure foster a stressful and competitive office environment that creates office politics and harmful gossip, making it one of the worst places to make friends. You might think of reaching out to your college friends. Some college friendships can last forever. But if you’ve lost touch with a friend for a long time, it may not be easy to re-establish that friendship. People can grow apart, especially when they spend time apart from each other. Yet, that being said, some friendships survive distance and time fine. But not all do and that’s an important lesson to learn before it’s too late. While there is no app for  “making friends” that would allow you to blind date new people for friendship, adults have to expand their social circles to make room for others in their lives.

Through playing games
The Trans-Siberian Pathfinders is a variety show/documentary that follows 5 South Korean actors as they travel through Russia from Vladivostok to Moscow. It is a long journey stretching over almost 2 weeks. During that time the actors are stuck on a train with travelers from Russia and elsewhere who don’t share their language. The documentary shows them reaching out and bonding with other travelers through the power of games. They use a simple board game to engage with other passengers, playing with both children and adults around them. The bond they build with others exposes the false limitation of the language barrier. Despite not speaking the same language, during the journey, they grew together, sharing laughter and happy memories. You might not need to board a train to meet new people. Playing games can be an ice-breaker whether you play on a game app together on your phone or you keep a deck of cards to kill some time while waiting for an appointment.

Though throwing a party
There's nothing like a neighborhood party to meet new people. Some say that summer is the best time to throw a party but in reality, there is no best time. The summer season can be  ideal for outdoor activities like bbq and cornhole parties. But a mild fall evening can also be the the perfect setting for a fabulous garden party. Halloween-themed parties can be an exciting time for everyone as you can promote your costume party in a community group on social media or an app. Halloween gives everyone an excuse to have fun and let go of their inhibitions. You can also still plan garden activities such as grilling marshmallows. Add a twist to your summer cornhole game with seasonal-themed cornhole worldwide accessories. Dressed-up parties tend to get people talking.

Through common interests
Having something is common can automatically bring people together. For instance you can try to reach out to people you meet at your local dog park. Similarly starting a conversation with a fellow gym member can be equally effective. Sharing a common interest gives you something to talk about. More importantly, it means you can find small ways of helping each other. You can offer to record a gym-goer’s exercise for them. Many like to post their workout on Instagram or TikTok, so it’s the perfect occasion to break the ice. Similarly, dog owners can share tips on accessories for their pets or exchange photos taken at the dog park. All you need is a hook to get the conversation started.

Through common friends
The hardest part of meeting someone new is breaking the ice. Sharing a common experience such as meeting at the gym or waiting for a delayed flight together can bring people together. Having a friend in common can also offer a way to connect. When a friend introduces you to someone new, you can bond through your relationship with this person.

Through acts of kindness
Another surprising lesson we can learn from the Trans-Siberian Pathfinders is their wordless acts of kindness as a way of bringing people together. As the train stops at every station on the way to Moscow, travelers can go to the platform and buy snacks from the local vendors. The documentary shows the pathfinders buying ice cream to share with everyone in their carriage. Sharing food can break barriers and create a sense of appreciation and friendship between individuals. A public transport commuter could share a pack of cookies with fellow travelers in this manner. But food isn’t the only act of kindness you can share. You can compliment your neighbor on her new hairstyle or cheer someone doing a tough workout at the gym.

Through social media
If your neighborhood has an online community group, you should join. Most neighbors share their latest news, community events and ask for tips. You can seize the opportunity to introduce yourself and get acquainted with others. Social media enables even the shyest people to make friends. You reach out to others without completely getting out of your comfort zone. You can like, comment on, and share other people’s posts. Being an active member of the community group can get your name out of there and encourage people to get to know you. If there’s no community group, you can follow the same principle on other groups, such as joining a group about your favorite artist or about cooking. It’s a great way of sharing tips and making cyber friends. Digital friends can offer support and attention as well.  And who knows, you might get to meet IRL too.

Making friends can be harder as an adult. However you’ll be surprised to notice that friendships will happen more naturally as you start to relax. It might feel extremely awkward at first but bonding with each other is part of human nature. So trust your guts, and go and meet people everywhere you go.

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