How My Morning Routine Helps Me Start The Day Right

How My Morning Routine Helps Me Start The Day Right, The Importance Of A Morning Routine, Morning Routine

My morning routine is important to me because it helps to set the tone for my entire day. Studies have actually shown that there are both physical and psychological benefits to creating a daily routine. Having a routine helps people to start their days off on the right track, helping with focus and organization. That's why having a solid morning routine can be a wellness habit that plays a vital role in improving your mood,  physical and mental health and focus. Here's mine.

Wake Up
I wake up pretty much around the same time (6:30AM) every day without an alarm, give or take a few minutes. I owe this to making sleep a priority and adhering to a solid sleep routine. Going to bed at 10:30PM every night and following a consistent sleep schedule is key to syncing my circadian rhythm which goes a long way to helping my energy levels stay steady.

Breathe And Practice Gratitude
The first thing I do after waking up is take some deep breaths and reflect on everything I'm grateful for. This creates a sense of contentment and positivity that I hope to carry through my day.

My husband and I cuddle every night before we go to sleep and when we wake up in the morning. We usually talk about what we have going on that day while we do this. Is this one of the secrets to our 20 year marriage? Could be. We also don't celebrate Valentine's Day and do this instead.

Make The Bed
Making the bed is non-negotiable because I'm a neat freak and as our first official task of the day, it lets us start off the day with a sense of accomplishment. Seeing an unmade bed also stresses me out. Psychology Today once conducted a survey and found that a majority of people who reported making their beds consider themselves happy, while a majority of those who didn't make their beds said they were unhappy. Make of that what you will.

Brush Teeth
I do this before eating or drinking because it's gross not to. Kind of like not showering at night.

I kick off my hydration for the day with a glass of water which I take my medicine with and then I'll have a mug of warm lemon water which has some really great health benefits. That's Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea herbal tea in my mug in the photo. Because I get my sleep, I don't need caffeine in the morning though I do enjoy a matcha or london fog latte from time to time. This is also when I'll look at my phone for the first time to check my emails and see if there is anything I need to respond to right away. I put it down if there isn't.

I'm a morning workout person because I just feel better when I exercise first thing and then I don't have to worry about trying to get it in later in the day. It's also a good way to get my blood pumping while activating my mind and body. I make sure to workout 5 - 6 times a week for an hour to a hour and half each time. I go through a circuit of cardio 3-4x/wk for endurance, pilates 5-6x/wk for strength and flexibility and strength training 2-3x/wk to build muscle. When my husband is working from home, he does cardio with me.

Cool Down
After working out, I typically stretch and cool down on our exercise bike and then step out to our terrace for a 10 minute walk. This is also a way to get some sunshine and vitamin D when it's sunny and when it's cold, it's a way to trigger the hormesis process (a type of controlled stress with benefits) that helps to boost mood and the immune system. We are extremely fortunate to have a covered balcony so inclement weather isn't an issue.

After working out, I wash my face and apply my daytime skincare routine which currently consists of washing my face with Lagom Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser (reviewed here), followed by COSRX Advanced Snail Radiance Dual Essence (reviewed here), Ferver Fermented Prebiotic Glow Face Serum, Brandefy Silks Triple Lipid Ceramide Face Moisturizer, finishing with Coola Suncare Dew Good Illuminating Serum (reviewed here).

Eat Breakfast
We generally eat two meals a day during the weekends but during the week, breakfast is a must. I try to have things that can be pre-prepped like egg muffins or savory oatmeal. Sometimes I'll have a smoothie or even a salad, miso soup or leftovers. We always clean up any dishes used for breakfast right afterwards because it's better to clean as you go along then to let dirt and mess pile up.

After all this, I'm ready to start my day. Because I've been ill in the past, I'm committed to a healthy lifestyle. Having self care in my morning routine contributes to that. Exercise improves not only my health but just about every other aspect of my life so making it a priority soon after I wake up ensures that I do it. Staying off my phone really helps me to gather my thoughts and not get distracted from what I'm trying to accomplish.  A good routine really comes down to what works for you so that you will do it consistently.

So tell me, what is your morning routine like?

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Kinga K. said...

Very nice routine :D

Hena Tayeb said...

That's a good routine.. mine matches yours about 40% but I have the added craziness as I have to get two kids out of the house for school.

R's Rue said...

Love it.

Emmylou said...

This is such an awesome routine, chingu! I love that there's cuddle time in there:) TBH, my morning routine is pretty standard and very rushed coz I have the kiddos to send out into the world before I can get anything done. Anyhoo, love the idea of staying off the phone. I should really start doing that....sigh....

Miri said...

A good routine helps you to achieve so much during the day!

lots of love, Miri